San Enrique, Iloilo, Philippines – A delegation of 250 enthusiastic scouts and scout participants from San Enrique showcased their skills, camaraderie, and spirit of adventure at the recently concluded 18th National Scout Jamboree held at Camp Pintados de Passi in Brgy. Sablogon, Passi City, from December 11-17, 2022.

The vibrant and dynamic contingent from San Enrique immersed themselves in an array of activities, joining thousands of scouts from across the nation. Under the banner of camaraderie and scouting values, they engaged in various skill-building exercises, team challenges, cultural exchanges, and community service initiatives throughout the jamboree.

Led by dedicated scout leaders and guided by the principles of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, the San Enrique delegation demonstrated exceptional teamwork, resilience, and a passion for learning. Their active participation in the jamboree’s diverse lineup of activities exemplified the spirit of scouting, fostering leadership, character development, and community engagement among the participants.

The event provided a platform for the scouts to exchange experiences, learn from each other, and immerse themselves in an environment promoting the values of friendship, citizenship, and service to the community.

“We are immensely proud of our scouts who represented San Enrique with such enthusiasm and dedication at the 18th National Scout Jamboree. Their participation not only reflects their commitment to scouting principles but also showcases the talent and potential within our community,” expressed one of the scout leaders from San Enrique.

The jamboree served as a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and experiences, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the scouts, transcending geographical boundaries and differences.

As the jamboree concluded, the San Enrique delegation returned home with newfound knowledge, unforgettable memories, and a strengthened resolve to uphold the values of scouting, contributing positively to their community and beyond.

The participation of the 250 scouts and scouters from San Enrique in the 18th National Scout Jamboree stands as a testament to the municipality’s commitment to youth development and the cultivation of responsible, empowered, and well-rounded individuals ready to lead and serve their community.