San Enrique to become a progressive and sustainable agricultural community and eco-tourism destination by 2030, with a disaster-resilient, God-loving, healthy and empowered people, living in a peaceful and secured environment under a transparent and accountable governance.


To uplift and improve the well-being of every San Enriquenhon through the delivery of effective, efficient and quality government services.


  1. Uplift the quality life of the populace through efficient and sustainable utilization of local resources in order to make the town blissful and a better place to live in.
  2. Establish a secure, peaceful, disaster resilient and climate adaptive as well as investment friendly environment and services.
  3. Maximize effective and efficient use of the land resources of the municipality.
  4. Make San Enrique livable by providing the citizens with a clean, safe and peaceful environment.
  5. Promotion of agricultural production and productivity through sustainable agricultural development.