The Local Government Unit (LGU) of San Enrique, led by Mayor Trixie Fernandez, has taken an active role in the provincial government’s “LIMPYO Iloilo for MoRProGRess” program. This initiative, spearheaded by the Provincial Government and institutionalized under the 2017-2026 Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP), aims to implement comprehensive strategies for source reduction, waste collection, processing/treatment, and disposal.

Mayor Fernandez, along with Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer (MENRO) Elena Martirizar, has been instrumental in integrating local activities that align with the provincial agenda. Mrs. Martirizar initiated various activities under the program, emphasizing the community’s commitment to sustainable environmental practices.

Governor Arthur Defensor Jr. announced the program’s strategies during a media conference, highlighting key projects such as Balik-Alat, Tapon to Ipon, LIMPYO Eleksyon, Trash in a Bottle, and Gardening. These projects aim to reduce single-use packaging, promote recycling, and enhance community involvement in solid waste management.

San Enrique’s LGU has been proactive in implementing these projects, with Mayor Fernandez prioritizing environmental sustainability in the municipality’s agenda. The community has embraced initiatives like eco-bricks, where plastic waste is repurposed into building materials, and gardening projects that utilize recycled materials.

Furthermore, the LGU supports the provincial program’s broader goals, including the LIMPYO Dalanon project, which enhances solid waste collection and integrates environmental clean-up activities from national to barangay levels. This effort aims to ensure safety, cleanliness, and order, particularly in waterways.

In terms of long-term waste disposal solutions, the province plans to develop sanitary landfills in each congressional district and explore waste-to-energy facilities through public-private partnerships. Mayor Fernandez has expressed commitment to aligning San Enrique’s local development plans with these provincial goals, ensuring that the municipality contributes to the overall vision of a robust, progressive, globally competitive, and resilient Iloilo.

Governor Defensor emphasized the urgency of these efforts as a response to climate change, declaring it a national emergency. He assured that the necessary budget allocations would be made in the Annual Investment Plan (AIP) for 2024 and 2025 to expedite the implementation of these solid waste management strategies.

Through the active participation of local leaders like Mayor Trixie Fernandez and MENRO Elena Martirizar, San Enrique is poised to significantly contribute to the success of the “LIMPYO Iloilo for MoRProGRess” initiative, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future for the province.