Limpyo San Enrique Lunched, Clean up drive initiated in line with the Kalinisan sa Bagong Pilipinas Program

Limpyo San Enrique once again initiated. All 28 barangays, academic institutions, business groups, and various sectors united for a significant clean-up activity, showcasing a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. The collective effort, part of the Kalinisan sa Bagong Pilipinas Program, aims to enhance cleanliness and sustainability within the municipality.

The launch of the Limpyo San Enrique Kalinisan sa Bagong Pilipinas Program, led by Mayor Rosario Mediatrix P. Fernandez, and the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) headed by Officer-in-Charge Elena M. Martirizar, exemplified the community’s dedication to a cleaner, and greener San Enrique.

In line with Governor Arthur R. Defensor Jr.’s Limpyo Iloilo Program, this initiative bolsters the province’s pledge to environmental conservation and proactive civic engagement.

The program kicked off with a resonating caravan throughout the municipality, signaling the start of cleaning activities. Participants, fueled by enthusiasm and shared responsibility, zealously engaged in sweeping, debris collection, and tidying public spaces across San Enrique.

Furthermore, Mayor Trixie Fernandez expressed gratitude for every sector’s unwavering support and active involvement, highlighting the shared dedication to preserving the environment. “Today’s turnout speaks volumes about our commitment to safeguarding our environment. Witnessing everyone unite for a cause that profoundly impacts our community’s well-being is heartening and encouraging,” Mayor Fernandez remarked.

In addition, OIC-MENRO Elena M. Martirizar echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing collective action’s significance in fostering a sustainable and hygienic environment. “Our combined efforts mark the beginning of a more concerted endeavor toward a cleaner, and healthier San Enrique. Each small act contributes significantly to our overarching goal of environmental sustainability,” Martirizar noted.

The collaborative spirit displayed during the clean-up activity underscores the community’s dedication to a cleaner, and more sustainable future for San Enrique. It aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of the Kalinisan sa Bagong Pilipinas Program, and the Limpyo Iloilo of the Iloilo Provincial Government initiative.