Iloilo State University of Fisheries, Science and Technology Launches Inaugural University Week

The maiden University Week celebration of Iloilo State University of Fisheries, Science, and Technology (ISUSFT) embarked on a vibrant note, commencing with a spirited foot parade traversing the Municipality of San Enrique. The jubilant procession culminated at the ISUSFT – San Enrique Campus Ground, marking the official launch and declaration of the week-long celebration.

Themed ‘Building Bridges, Breaking Waves: Signifying the University’s Role in Bridging Academic Excellence with the Dynamic Challenges and Opportunities of the Blue Economy,’ the celebration sets sail to explore new realms of opportunity, emphasizing unity and progression.

Dr. Raul C. Alvarez, CESO VI Regional Director of CHED Regional Office VI, delivered an impactful message during the opening ceremony. He emphasized the pivotal role of integrity within academic institutions, stating, “Integrity is the core of all values. In an academic setting, it’s the pillar that promotes all other core values. With integrity among leaders and educators, social justice is imparted to students in their learning and growth.”

This resonated deeply with the university’s mission, underlining the collective responsibility of every individual in nurturing students to realize their full potential.

The day’s festivities were enlivened by the highly anticipated Cheer Dance competition, showcasing the exuberance and talent of ISUSFT students. Following this, afternoon Sports Activities invigorated the campus atmosphere with enthusiastic participation.

The inaugural University Week of ISUSFT sets the stage for a week of collaborative activities, academic engagements, and spirited celebrations. It symbolizes the institution’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of fisheries, science, and technology, steering towards a promising future amidst the challenges and opportunities of the evolving blue economy.

Photo Courtesy of The Igang Publications