On December 11, 2023, a historic moment unfolded as San Enrique commemorated the official inauguration and blessing of its newly constructed Municipal Culture, History, Arts, and Tourism Building. Funded by the esteemed offices of Congressman Ferjenel G Biron, 4th District, Province of Iloilo, and Congressman James Jojo Ang of USWAG ILONGGO, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to the town’s rich cultural heritage.

The event was graced by the presence of Congressman Ferjenel G Biron and Congressman James Jojo Ang, underscoring the significance of this milestone in San Enrique’s history. The total funding for the building amounted to P10.2M, with Congressman Biron contributing P5M and USWAG ILONGGO’s Congressman Jojo Ang providing P5.2M.

This monumental structure isn’t merely a physical edifice but a tribute to San Enrique’s cultural legacy. Housing a museum narrating the town’s story and a spacious function hall accommodating 100-200 people, the building is poised to host diverse tourism events, further enriching the town’s cultural landscape.

Mayor Trixie Fernandez, alongside municipal officials, DPWH, and dedicated individuals, worked tirelessly to transform this vision into a reality. Their collective effort reflects the town’s commitment to progress and service.

“This marks the inception of our town’s journey towards greater developments, a testament to our unity and dedication,” expressed by Mayor Fernandez. “This is just the beginning; we vow to continue bringing forth programs and projects that elevate San Enrique and its four districts. Our service knows no bounds.”

The inauguration of the Municipal Culture, History, Arts, and Tourism Building not only signifies a pivotal moment for San Enrique but also serves as a promise of more transformative endeavors to come.